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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


When you feel need for change, when things fall apart, when your inner and outer lives are out of synch, there may be a calling to seek meaning and a new way. When we follow and respond to this natural inclination toward healing and growth, we are invited into our own well-being and belonging.
I work in a collaborative way with clients which includes the emotional, body-mind, and creative aspects of each individual.  There is something about being present in this way that invites us to connect with aspects of self which can bring deeper meaning and new energy to life.  In this way, psychotherapy really mirrors the human journey.

I provide a safe and deeply caring environment which allows for the exploration of the sometimes difficult feelings and experiences of being human.  It is essential for both healing and growth, that you gain an experience of being heard and understood. This leads to insight cultivated from within and the freedom to express one's self authentically.  I am also able to provide you with tools for solving problems dealing with conflict, intimacy and communication.

My years of professional experience inform the way I connect and explore creatively with individuals, couples and groups.  Clients I have worked with appreciate my empathic relatedness as well as my passion for growth toward wholehearted living and love of life.  

I welcome your call for a free phone consultation, and look forward to talking with you.